Parent Resources

Terra Linda Elementary School and PTC are able to provide extra curricular opportunities for students. Please let us know of any other resources we can share with other parents.

Apps and Online Learning Resources

Each online learning resource presents it’s lessons in slightly different formats, so you may find one works better than another for your child.

The following are funded by Beaverton School District and the PTC

IXL math, an app where students can practice the skills they are being taught in class.  (user ID and password from teacher)

Bookshelf, an e-reader app that encourages students to read at there current reading level.  (user ID and password from teacher)

Epic eBooks, an online digital library with books for elementary school children that can be accessed on portable devices. (user ID and password from teacher or sign up for your own account)

Zearn, online math learning site where students receive step by step instruction with follow up questions. (user ID and password from teacher)

Dreambox, new to Terra Linda.  This is an excellent tool that allows teachers to see where they need to fill in educational gaps that your child might have.  To obtain your log in info, please contact your child’s teacher.

You can also other find helpful apps at the Beaverton School District website. 

Other Great Online Learning Resources

Khan Academy is a free (donations are welcome) online service that has math lessons as well as content for other subjects. Like IXL Math and Zearn, math is broken down by grade level with subsections for different topics. Khan also allows parents to monitor their child’s progress and identifies areas that they are struggling with.

After School Programs

All after school programs come with additional fees. Check each link for cost.

PLAY FIT FUN Every Tuesday 3:05 – 4:45

Club K Everyday 3:05 – 6pm

Veronica Lake Every Early Release Wednesdays, fine art class.

Kids Like Languages Mondays